Mistletoe and Swine!

Mistletoe and SwineI haven’t updated in ages, and this is way late for a Xmas post! Trying to get back into updating more regularly so here’s a xmas card I designed for my friends and family.

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Custom Made Unique Accessories :3

I’m thinking about setting up a shop and doing hand drawn, custom designs on shoes, bags, greeting cards etc. Here are a couple of test pieces I did, I think they turned out well🙂 just need to sort out costings and a reliable supplier of the shoes.

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Completed Illustrations for Fun Day

Completed illustrations with some photos for the “Fantastic Fun Day” held at the pet shop where I used to work🙂


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Fun Day Stuff

Some illustrations I’m working on for a fun day at a local pet shop I used to work for…

Bad sketches haha

A final piece in progress whooooo!

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Cute Monsters Attack!

Another piece I did based off the cute monsters competition, a big ink drawing of the monsters that didn’t get submitted🙂 the background is layers of watercolour and ink and some photoshop effects.

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Cute Monsters T-Shirt


My cute dragon design printed on a t shirt modeled by yours truly :3 for all aspiring Dovahkin out there lol. Thanks again to Dave for taking the photo for me!

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Photos of Elfen Lied Book


Here are some photos of my newly assembled little book of the story “Elfen Lied ~ Elf Song” (based off the poem of Eduard Morike) done as part of my negotiated unit, it consists of the 8 pages of illustrations I’ve done, an ink drawing for the front cover and patterns created through print and photoshop for the inside covers. Thanks to my house mate and fellow designer Dave for taking the pictures🙂.

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